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Stylish. Girly. Fashion-Forward. Classic. Savvy. Frilly. Classic. Whimsical.  What Style Will You Wear Today!?

Anara Original Fashion can get you there.

Established in 2004. the brand name comes from founder and designer Sara Crawford, whose middle name (Ann) and first name (Sara) melded to become Anara Original. 

Formerly working with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, DDC Lab and H&M, Sara was inspired to create Anara Original as an extension of herself.
As a fashion designer, she implicitly has an eye for transforming the plain into something unique, vibrant, and extraordinary.
As an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Sara Crawford stands out by conveying the idea that fashion is “wearable art.”  Her sought-after expertise and love is in the concept of “adding.”  Her skillful “adding” to a look represents a unique approach to fashion - reinventing the plain into the extraordinary.

More about Sara Crawford

With 13 years in the fashion industry, Sara A. Crawford- Jones truly lives by her own quote; “Fashion isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle”. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing (in only three years) from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Sara established herself and her skills at highly identifiable brands like Tommy Hilfiger and DDC Lab.

Living as an Albino African-American woman who has a slight visual impairment, Sara enjoys participating with various community and nonprofit organizations like The Division for the Visually Impaired and The National Diabetes Association. She believes that fashion can be used as a platform and a form of expression to provide awareness to social topics and issues.

Anara Original has been featured in LA Fashion Week and major publications such as Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue. Black Celebrity Giving named her a “Change Maker and Young Philanthropist” and was voted People’s Choice Best Designer by Delaware Fashion Week 2015.

In May of 2016, Sara expanded her brand by writing her first self-published book titled, The Playbook to Essential Style- Learn, Build and Explore Your Style. Sara shares with her readers her style story and provides the basic styling techniques to build a stylish and chic wardrobe.

While completing her book, Sara launched a fashion and lifestyle blog called, Blondie Jones. The blog allows Sara to share her life as a wife, entrepreneur and her love for cooking and making party drinks.

Sara is continuing to share her brand book by hosting a multi-city book tour called, Style Conversation. Hosted in an intimate setting, Sara joins fashion enthusiast, fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to network, discuss style, business, and success.




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