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I love all things fashion, I always have, and always will ”, says Sara Crawford, the curator behind the popular lifestyle blog Blondie Jones. A fashion designer and stylist, Sara launched Blondie Jones as an extension of herself. Blondie Jones is a platform for Sara to share her creative fashion views with the world. For those who have followed Sara, from the beginning, see

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1742/2761/files/sara_with_book_2.jpg?16060017280477789333Blondie Jones as an evolution that was birthed once she married the love of her life September 2014. Prior to being married Sara was seen by many as being highly determined for completing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing in only three years from the International Academy of Design and Technology.  Sara is an Albino African American woman, however, she has always believed she is more than her “light completion and visual impairment”.

"Fashion is a hobby for some, for me, it’s my lifestyle" - Blondie Jones

Through Blondie Jones we see another side of Sara, not just the fashion but her new found love for cooking and lifestyle that has evolved since being married. Prior to launching Blondie Jones Life and Style Blog Sara had built a very successful career with her brand Anara Original .

Sara was a contributing designer in LA Fashion Week and has been featured in major publications such as Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue! Prior to launching her own brand Sara worked with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, DDC Lab and H&M. Sara took what she learned from the incredible opportunities provided to her through the highly respected brands she worked with and created  Anara Original as an outward expression herself. The brand name derives from her first name (Sara) and middle name (Ann). As a fashion designer, she is someone who has an eye for taking something plain and turning it into something extraordinary. She loves the concept of “adding” creative flair to elevate your everyday look and as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry Sara A. Crawford-Jones stands out by conveying the idea that fashion is “wearable art”.

While maintaining life as a fashion mogul and wife, Sara has a passion for giving back. Through her line, Sara has made numerous contributions to The Diabetes Association and The Division For The Visually Impaired. Through her contributions, Sara has been labeled a “change maker” in BlackCelebrityGiving.

Sara’s most recent accomplishment is her first book titled  "The Playbook to Essential Style

Welcome to the life of Blondie Jones where the career women and the fashionista meet!